Another “World’s First” Syndicate From The RMB Council

The Medicinal Herbs Farming Syndicate will be the first to invest directly in the farming, production and sales of profitable medicinal herbs and plants.

Hong Kong, SAR – The RMB Council has announced that advance booking for its new Syndicate will be available through the Winnamore StreetCrowdfunding Network

The Syndicate will be managed by a team of Agronomists and Herbalists.

The healing power of herbs has been known since ancient times. There is now a revival of interest in herbal-based medicine due to the growing awareness of the health hazards associated with the indiscriminate use of modern drugs.

It is predicted that global demand for medicinal herbs and plants, from an increasingly aging society that’s grown averse to synthetic medicines, will produce steady profits for early Investors in this sector. The trend towards more natural, plant-based remedies will continue to fuel the demand for medicinal herbs in the health care and pharmaceutical industries.

Premier Members of Winnamore Street who have reserved their interest to participate in the Medicinal Herbs Farming Syndicate will receive priority allotment to purchase Participation Certificates in this Syndicate.

Participants will share in the profits that the Syndicate receives from its investments in the farming and production of medicinal herbs and plants.

Participation Certificates in the Medicinal Herbs Farming Syndicate are perpetual so holders can expect to receive their share of profits for as long as they retain ownership of their Certificates.

About The RMB Council

The RMB Councilis a Hong Kong Government-registered think tank involved in the research of and support for improvements in the efficiency of settling global financial transactions.

The RMB Council’s particular area of interest is how capital for business may be raised and used efficiently in an ever-changing world driven by technological innovations.

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