Autohitch Makes Finding A New Car Easy – And At No Time, With Zero Hassle

When a car dealer saw how complicated the car buying process could get for most consumers, he set out to create a service which would “hitch” buyers with the cars of their dreams. Mr. Steve Momot, along with his wife, Ally, co-founded Autohitch, a car buying mediating service which pledges to help clients to find the car of their dreams, at the price of their dreams – in sometimes just under 30 secs.

“The idea of all car buying services is to simplify the process of getting a fair to good price on a new car purchase and/or lease. People buy cars on average every 7 years; so it would make sense that seeing a bunch of numbers would get confusing especially when you don’t trust the people providing them,” said Mr. Momot.

“Our competition works in conjunction with the dealers by providing a pre-determined price that anyone in the general public can get.?However, should that price is still being set by the dealerships the consumer has made no prior business with, how can they determine whether this really fair? Or whether they are ultimately getting a good deal? Often, the quote they are given is just a figment of the imagination, crafted with great marketing.”

“Autohitch considers clients’ individual circumstances, needs, and preferences for a specific vehicle and submits their request to multiple dealerships on their behalf. In other words, we do the hardest part; we do the shopping. Our clients simply have wait for the dealerships to respond. What makes our service stand out is that we don’t share our clients’ phone numbers or emails with any of the dealerships we come in contact with, so everything is done through secure messaging and/or email – which means that they will never, and under no circumstances, be bothered by dealerships’ marketing departments.”?

“When our clients finally select what they feel is the best dealership to buy their car from, Autohitch sets up the appointment for them, and all they have to do is head in and make their purchase at their pre-established price point. That’s all Autohitch it all about – our clients, and their ultimate satisfaction.”

Car buyers or car sellers/dealerships wishing to use Autohitch’s services can reach out to the company through filling in the Contact Us form found here, and an Autohitch customer service representative will respond to every query in the shortest time possible.

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