Joanne Du Plessis Explains The Difference Between Medical And Surgical Negligence For Cosmetic Claims

According to Joanne Du Plessis, a solicitor who has handled her fair share of cosmetic and beauty claims, there are different causes and reasons for the rise in cosmetic surgery and beauty injury claims. For her clients’ benefit, she explains in detail the main difference between medical and surgical negligence for claims as well.

UNITED KINGDOM – There are more people nowadays who go for cosmetic surgery or beauty treatments so that they can look better and enhance their appearance. And while there is no problem with this, the problems come when individuals suffer from an injury due to beauty or cosmetic treatment through no fault of their own. Negligence, according to Joanne Du Plessis, comes in two forms. A solicitor like Joanne Du Plessis should know this full well, as she has dealt with a broad number of cases related to cosmetic and beauty injuries. Joanne Du Plessis is one of the most respected beauty and cosmetic injury solicitors in the area of Gloucester and its environs, and she has already gained more than 25 years of experience in the field.

As Joanne Du Plessis has mentioned, there are two forms of negligence related to cosmetic injuries, and this includes medical negligence and surgical negligence. According to her, medical negligence is the care received by the client before the treatment or surgery, during the procedure, and after the procedure. Joanne Du Plessis confirms that clients need to be informed of all the various risks related to the procedure, especially if it is a surgical procedure, and they should also have enough time to decide if they would like to move forward with it. This special ‘duty of care’ is the obligation of all specialists and technicians performing cosmetic surgery and other beauty procedures. The duty of care is supposed to extend until after the procedure or operation, and it includes injuries caused by negligence in injecting drugs such as Botox and complications arising from anaesthesia.

Aside from medical negligence, there is surgical negligence as well. The difference between medical negligence and surgical negligence is that surgical negligence is related to errors and mistakes such as poor skills or techniques used while performing surgery, and this results in an unwanted or undesirable result. 

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