Starting Today Platinum Maxicab Offers Wheelchair-Friendly Service To All Its Members

All major companies that offer cab-related services must offer compatibility with wheelchair users. Now Platinum Maxicab is one of them.

We are glad to inform readers that the biggest taxi company in Singapore now offers the Wheelchair Transport service. The service is added specifically for the people who need it the most and for those who have a need for wheelchairs. It passed the initial testing and it is ready to meet all the expectations.

The company already offers a long list of services which range from luxury limousines to the coach buses. There are also several mini-van services to choose from and also wedding-focused vehicles. The only thing that was left out was the wheelchair support. Now they offer it as well. 

Straightway, we were able to get in touch with the leading people at the company. Via the telephone, they said “We noticed that wheelchair transport is more than just a needed service. As such, we invested in special vehicles which are friendly to wheelchairs and we started offering this service to all our members. Now we offer all what an average person and a family will ever need.

They didn’t comment our speculations that this is just first of many upgrades to the company’s list of services. We also know that soon they will add some benefits to the Minibus booking and probably invest in new vehicles.

The Limousine service is the most appealing service we were able to see. However, we were able to find, from secret sources that soon new and fresh vehicles will join the fleet. They will also prepare some of the impressive discounts to all new members and surprised for existing members. Sadly, we are unable to tell with discounts and surprises will be offered. Minivan booking, on the other hand, won’t be affected. There are already several sub-services of this type and it is known that the client satisfaction is among the highest in this line of business.

About the company:

Platinum Maxi Cab offers taxi services in Singapore and surrounding areas. They offer a classic taxi service, booking minivans, luxury limousines, and even small buses. In addition, they also offer wedding vehicle services. The company is favorite to many people from the city and surroundings that are to the professional drivers, newest vehicles and the accurate services which are given to all users.

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Company Name: Platinum Maxi Cab
Contact Person: Fadly Eb-rahem
Email: Send Email
Phone: +65 63683587
Address:Blk 559, Jurong West St 42, #04-483 559
Country: Singapore

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