Trump Kim meeting agenda could involve denuclearisation, bilateral relations

No official statement about meeting agenda has been made

For the first time in 60 years an American President is going to meet with a North Korean leader and while it is almost certain what the two leaders will be discussing about, speculations are rife about the agenda of the Trump-Kim meeting.

The two leaders have already arrived at Singapore where they are meeting. Singapore has been selected because it is one of the few countries that shares cordial relations with both United States and North Korea. The other few options were China, South Korea and Russia, although the latter would have been a long shot, what with the US imposing sanctions on trade with Moscow.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are supposed to meet on Tuesday, June 12, at the Capella Hotel. The meeting is scheduled to start at 9 am (Singaporean time) or 9 pm EST on Monday, June 11.

North Korea’s denuclearisation is likely to be the main agenda, Trump had last week said that the entire process of etching out a nuclear deal would take more than a single meeting. While no agenda has been officially announced, it is being speculated that bilateral relations between the two nations might also come up, as the US, as well as the United Nations, has put additional sanctions on North Korea in recent times following Kim Jong Un’s repeated missile tests.

People the world over are waiting with baited breath for visuals of the first handshake between Donald Trump and Kim Jon Un after months of nuclear standoff and strained ties.

Technically, North Korea has been at war with the United States longer than any other country in American history – since the 1950-53 war between North and South Korea. Although then US President Jimmy Carter planned to visit North Korea in 1994, talks could not take place as then N Korean leader Kim Il Sung died of a heart attack. This summit marks the thawing of ties and the hope that North Korea may let go of at least some of its armaments.

The summit, which is scheduled to open with a one-on-one meeting between Kim and Trump at the secluded resort before the conclave begins, will hopefully result in opening up the secretive nation of North Korea to the outside world, with new trade relations, easing of sanctions, armed allies and chances of the two world leaders extending invitations for visits to Washington and Pyongyang sometime in the future.

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