St Paul, MN Vandalia Glassworks is offering high quality Hand Blown Glass Pumpkin products as decoration for the Fall Season & Halloween. The glass pumpkins have been locally crafted and designed by the top notch artisans in their local glass blowing studio. All the glass pumpkins have been designed and crafted using glassblowing technique where glass is shaped into whatever the artist desires.

Vandalia Glassworks is an independent glass studio, located in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company is owned by Erick Schmidt and Bryce Borkhuis who first began the glass studio in 2015. The studio provides the highest quality possible glass blowing gallery. They have the best local glass artists who work diligently to provide high quality product for clients.

Vandalia Glassworks blows and sells glass. Their passion of coming up with great ideas and creating a beautiful art is a key to the company’s success. Their glass artists love their job and bring high level creativity into whatever they do. Vandalia Glassworks provides a complete hot shop as well as a cold shop to glass artists in the Twin Cities area. They offer a unique option for anyone looking for a gift, a splash of color in their decor or fun utilitarian products with a wide array of products to choose and select from. 

Most people in St. Paul, Minnesota love glass pumpkins. So the art team delivers high quality work through their glassblowing technique. Each piece of the glass pumpkins comes in in a variety of intricate shapes, colors, and designs. As the fall season approaches, many people in Minnesota are looking for these high quality glass pumpkins to offer as a gift or as a decoration in their home.

“It all starts with molten glass from a furnace that burns at 2000 degrees. From there, the glass is carefully gathered using a long metal blowpipe so that it can be manipulated and formed into the shape of a pumpkin. The process also involves adding colored glass that will be melted with the rest and reheating it several times to create sophisticated patterns and shapes,” explained the spokesperson of the company. “Once this is done, the glass pumpkins are produced.  But it takes skill and mastery to create the lovely pieces you see here. It’s not all that glitters are gold.”

Vandalia Glassworks offers various hand blown glass pumpkin products via their website. While all the glass pumpkins may look similar, they actually vary in designs and patterns; some are so clear while others come in stunning colors that sparkle in the light. Even the stem of each pumpkin has different shapes and swirls.

This is due to the fact that all the glass pumpkins are individually handcrafted by the local artists at theirglass blowing studio. Individuals can check through the site and select their favorite glass pumpkins for purchases. They can also contact the team for any enquiries or requests.

Vandalia Glassworks can be conveniently located 550 Vandalia St #205, St Paul, MN 55114. Contact them via phone at (651) 744-0000, or via email at For additional information, visit their website at  

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